Name________________________________________ ____Phone____________________Email_______________________

Vet name___________________________________________________________________Phone______________________

Tell me what you know about Shelties_______________________________________________________________________


Do you want a male_________female_________color_preferred______________________________________________

Why do you want A sheltie puppy?__________________________________________________________________________  
Have you ever owned a Sheltie before?  _____________Do you own your home or rent_______________________________

Where will this puppy be kept?___________________How many hours a day will it be left alone?_______________________

Have you ever surrendered a pet to an animal  shelter?______ If so for what reason___________________________

How many children live in the home?___________  ages?_________________________________________________

What other pets  do you own?_____________________________________________________________________________

Do you have a fenced in yard?_____ How   large?_______________whay type of shelter is available___________________

Does anyone in your household have allergies to pets?____________________________________________________

Do you have a water garden or pool?_______________________Will  the puppy be unattended around it?__________

Are  you willing to spay or neuter this  puppy?________________Is this puppy a gift?____________________________

Are you commited to this puppy for the next 15 years?__________ Can you afford vet care for this puppy?__________

ARe you aware that Shelties shed?________________ bark______________will try to herd you____________________Do you have close neighbors that will dislike the barking?____________________________________

If you are unable to keep this dog will you notify the breeder about rehoming it?_________________________________

Do you agree to keep in touch with the breeder with emails and pictures_______________________________________

Will you be picking up the pup or need to have it shipped?_______________Please give the name of the closest airport to


Please tell us   which puppy you are interested in._________________________________________________________

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Questionaire  For All  Potential Puppy buyers
This questionaire is a tool in our effort to providing the very best home possible for our puppies.  Please take  some time to answer all the questions as honestly as you can.  It is not our intent to pry into your private business or your personal lives.  We    consider our puppies to be our family members and expect their buyers to feel that way also.
What questions do have for us?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________