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Little Man Frisco   a tri color male with champion bloodlines
Frisco has been neutered and is retired and taking it easy with us

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Beau   a tri-color male with multiple champion bloodlines    ( seen at left)
Jack  a sable and white male w/ champion bloodlines has also been neutered, and has been placed in a wonderful home where he can be spoiled more than he was here.
Ash a beautiful shaded sable and white male w/ champion bloodlines
 Lament of A STUD 
My job is making puppiesAnd I get two tries at thatThey pat me on the head and say "Good Boy",and that is that.
It's half my job to give 'emteeth and toplines, fronts and other,Remember, it's only Half my job...,they also have a mother.
It's not my job to carry pupsAnd make 'em grow and nurse 'emAnd feed and clean and make 'em strongThat's for "mother" and a person.
It's not my job to weanAnd feed the calcium and foodAnd stack and gait and housebreak,And make 'em a "showing" brood.
It's not my job to plan the breeding,And learn what produces well,To study pedigrees, learn what's there,And pick out those to sell.
It's not my job to guarantee champs,The breeder picks the pair,To mate and whelp and feed and show,and HOPE that the champ is there.
It's not my job to be on handwhen points are given out.The breeder, owner, dam and friendsTake credit with a shout.
It's not my job to deliver a winner.It's only genes I sell.But let the puppies turn out bad,And guess who catches HELL. 
We do at times offer our dogs for Stud services. Please notify us before your female is in heat as testing of your female as well as our male will be necessary.   If you are interested  please contact us. divinek9s@charter.net 
Always Give your Sheltie  Lots of  Hugs and Kisses
Available for stud services  to selected and approved Bitches
Available for stud services to selected and approved Bitches
AJ,  We have recently acquired this nice bi-black Stud for our breeding program and he is a delightful fellow with good looks, natural tipped ears, nice size, awesome coat,  nice head, intelligent,  and sweet temperament, thanks to Lea Dill from Norlea Shelties in Walworth NY.       
Available  for stud to selected and approved bitches
Conditions of ServiceThe owner of the Bitch shall furnish the Stud owner with :  (1) A copy of AKC registration papers;  (2) 3 generation pedigree ;  and (3) a color picture of the Bitch    (4) Proof of current immunizations;  and (5)NEGATIVEBrucellosis test. The Bitch must be of expected conformation with AKC standards and must have had at least 2 (two) heat cycles, and less than 9 (nine) years of age..The Stud owner will provide the Bitch owner (1) a copy of the Neg. Brucellosis results of the Stud,  (2) a copy of Stud Registration and (3) a color picture.The stud fee is payable at time of service in the amount of $300 in cash.   After whelping of the Bitch and before 4 weeks of age of resulting puppies, the Stud owner may opt to choose a pick puppy and return the $300 Stud fee.  The    puppy pick will then, not be  taken by the stud owner until it is at least 8 weeks old, and has received its first vaccinations.A litter is two or more puppies,  if breeding results in just one live birth,  or if Bitch does not conceive, a repeat breeding  can be done at no additional cost to Bitch owner, at the Bitch’s next heat. If a breeding tie does not result, or the Breeding pair should become vicious with each other to the point of possible injury to either dog, the stud owner is entitled to a nominal fee of $25 for  time and effort involved.If the Bitch is left in the care of the Stud owner,  any injuries or illness to the Bitch is the   financial responsibility of the Bitch owner, and if the Stud becomes injured by the Bitch or during the breeding tie, the Stud owner is responsible for any resulting vet fees.
The Bitch owner shall not sell any resulting puppies to a pet store or a third party, but directly to buyer.  The Bitch owner is responsible for all vet expenses incurred for the Bitch and /or resulting puppies.  The bitch is to be housed inside the Bitch owner’s home  during her pregnancy, at whelping time and during the first 8 weeks after whelping.  No puppies shall be sold before they are 8 weeks old.  All resulting puppies from this breeding shall be provided  vet care as needed and have their 8 week well puppy exam at a licensed vet and first  shots before going to their new homes.  Bitch owner agrees to notify Stud owner of the whelping date and number of puppies and provide pictures of puppies by the 2nd week of age.  Stud owner agrees to assist in finding approved homes for resulting puppies if needed.  If the Bitch owner is unable to care for the puppies until homes are found for them,  the Stud owner requests to be notified and given the option of taking the puppies and finding homes for them. 
 Darby is one of our own home bred boys.   Beautiful tri color male with full coat and nice earset,  Quite full of himself.  
Suede is our new boy, a  cute small  Blue Merle    who we had neutered as he is really too small for our girls   He has gone to a new home.  We miss him but glad he is getting lots of attention