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Raven  A bi-black female   15 3/4 " tall  from Kelly Schner a breeder in Penn. Raven crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 3rd.  We miss her dearly.  Bless you Sweet Raven. 
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Crissy    A bi-blue female 15  inches tall from Lea Dill a Breeder in New York.  Passed over the Rainbow bridge in early 2016
Merry A bi-black CHW female
  from  our own "Crissy x Frisco"  She has retired and has gone to a new home to live the good life
Our own "Little Girl "  A blue merle female  f rom Cynder and Frisco She will be living out her retirement with us
Lacey  a blue merle female
from a breeder in Canton Ohio.  Has been retired and has gone to another nice home where she is being spoiled.
A Sheltie Poem   Ashen Black or Reddish GoldSilver Blue in Colours boldWith snowy white on Paws and ChestAll Shelties wear their Sunday BestGaiting down the city streetOn tiny ballet dancers feetAnd praised by all who chance to seeAll Shelties know their RoyaltyAt the park a bouncing joyAnd happy 'woofs' just slightly coyBut never more than what should beAll Shelties love their DignityAnd when the moon zooms great and roundOur loyal companion snuggles downAnd guards the sleep of those he lovesAll Shelties come from God Above   
Always Give Your Shelties Lots of Hugs and Kisses
Retired                Girls
Cynder  my best  friend and  sweetest  girl  I will ever have left us for beyond the Rainbow Bridge in September 2015
Starfire aka "Baby Girl"  sweet thing
TALE OF A BROOD BITCH​ You buy a bitch, a winning thing,And make her a champion in the ring.She's sound, she's lovely, dysplasia free You want to breed her carefully.
Taking lots of time, you look around,The stud must be both typey and soundYou study the pedigree till blind,Building the litter in your mind.
Several possibilities appear.They write back "My dog's the best"Although the stud's fee is out of sight,You breed the bitch, the die is cast.The next nine weeks don't go fast.
Of course, she whelps in the middle of the nightWith luck and care it turns out rightThe next eight weeks you fret and strain,Feed and scoop in driving rain.
You take care with the homes they get.This one is a show dog, this one is a pet.New owners call with problems dear,You're on the phone for half a year.
At last, the moment you've longed to know,Your pups have come to their first show.They all look fine, not one's a dud.Then from behind you comes...."WOW - WHO'S THE STUD?"
Author Unknown

A friend gives you a dog...You build a small shelter...$150You fence in a run...$450Purchase special diet dog food...$2,000/yrPurchase a portable kennel and x-pen...$800Purchase 2nd dog...$500Build larger shelter with storage...$2,000More fencing...$1,200Purchase 3rd dog...$800Purchase 4 matching crates...$500Purchase larger van...$23,000Purchase 4 acres next door...$38,000More fencing...$2,000Purchase camper for truck...$9,000Purchase brush hog...$6,000Purchase 4th & 5th dog...$2000Purchase neighbor's tree lot...$36,000Build bigger house...$185,000Build bigger kennel...$56,000More fencing ...$24,000Build covered training arena...$182,000Purchase Dually...$44,000Purchase gooseneck camper...$45,000Purchase 6th, 7th & 8th dogs...$3,000Hire full time trainer...$50,000Build house for trainer...$84,000Buy motor home for shows...$125,000Hire attorney -- spouse leaving you for trainer...$35,000Declare bankruptcy, spouse gets everything.Friend feels sorry for you...gives you a dog.....
Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog;but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog.
Douglas Mallock
Our beautiful little Shay has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, on March 31st, 2011 because of a speeding driver.  Rest in Peace our sweet little Shay,  WE miss You and will see you again at the Bridge!  She was the most precious girl
Baby Girl now lives with friends in Marietta SC
Ellie  is a nice sable and white girl from Texas, She is expecting a litter Oct 28th 2017
Taylor is a beautiful tri color from NC     She was a beauty and we miss her.  See you later sweet girl.
Rave this lovely blue merle is  my special silly girl!   she is mainly a pet as she has not produced any pups for us yet.  she did get bred one time and resulted in one pup born dead via C-Section
Tyra a pretty sable and white girl. WE have tried four times to breed her by AI but that has failed.  so she is my bed dog and happy with her spot.
Sizzell a nice tri color with very nice bloodlines, from Ramona Woodruff in NY .  We have retired her and she has gone to her new home with some friends of ours 

Sable Merle girl named Stormie we kept from the fall 2013 litter,  She has just had her first litter in March of 2017.  She is expecting again. due in November 2017
An Interview with the Dog
The Silence is Broken
We asked the Dog to put away the shroud of secrecy and be interviewed
He asked that his name not be used, but for the good of all dogs he  agreed to share ten insights with Humans
1. My life is likely to last 10 - 15 years, any separation from you will be           painful for me.  Remember that before you buy me.
2.  Give me some time to understand what you want from me.
3.  Place your trust in me it is crucial for my well being.
4. don't be angry with me for long and don't isolate me for punishment.         You have your work, your entertainment and  your friends.  I only have      you. 
5.  Talk to me sometimes, even if I don't understand your words  - - I              understand your voice. 
6.  Be aware of however you treat me I will  not be able to forget it.  
7.   Remember before you hit me, I have very powerful teeth but I                    choose not to use them.
8.  Before you scold me for being uncooperative,  obstinate or lazy,  ask          yourself is something may be wrong with me.  Perhaps I am not getting     the right kind of food,  or I've been out in the sun too long,  or maybe         my heart is getting older and weaker. 
9.  Take care of me when I am old.  You will be old someday.
10.  Go with me on different journeys.  Don't say " I can't watch it is too           painful"  Everything is easier when you are with me. 
Maggie is another pretty and crazy spinning blue merle.  no pups yet from her.  
New gitrl in town Mollie.  She will be a year old in February and she is our new crazy sable girl.  What a crazy sweet silly girl she is.
Pictures  coming soon
Pictures coming soon