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What Am I to You? 

As a pup I dreamed and wonderedWhat life would hold in storeFor ME, I thought, there's something GREATBeyond that kennel door.Out there are needy peopleAnd I have much to giveLove, and wit, and gentlenessTo help them learn to live.I'd be someone's protector,Keep little ones from harm,Or guide an old man's steps,Or help to run a farm.I'd run and bark and jump and playWith friends along a sandy shoreI'd roll in meadows, thick and greenThat lie beyond that kennel door.I lay here waiting, longing,As the days and years went by,My owner kept me fed and brushed,But inside let me die.I do not think of greatness now,I'm old and filled with pain.My owner has some ribbons,But I have lived in vain.I cannot think what could have been,My dreams are filled with hope no more.Just floors and walls and a broken heartFor me behind this kennel door.
By M. KummerM
There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.  ~Ben Williams
Lacey the  Dam
Laddie  1 day old.
Lena 1 day old
Lindsey 1 day old
Logan 1 day old
Triumph 1 day old
Laddie 2 weeks old
Lena 2 weeks old
Lindsey 2 weeks old
On Hold
Logan 2 weeks old
Triumph 2 weeks old
Ash  the Sire
Lindsey/Gracie 5 weeks old
Lena 5 weeks old
Laddie 5 weeks old
Logan 5 weeks old  a sweet boy
Triumph at 5 weeks  he is going to be small
Laddie Sold to a 7 year old Kayla in Greer SC..
Laddie at 7 weeks old
    Dogs and kids safety Having a pet can be great fun for children.  Pets teach kids responsibility and help them to learn empathy. Children and dogs are not always going to start off with a wonderful friendship.  Parents must be willing to teach their dog and the child what behaviour is acceptable so that they can play together in a happy and safe way.  It is uaually best when getting a dog for a child to get a puppy so they learn together and  the size won't intimidate the child.  One of the first steps in protecting your children is to get training for your dog and then teach your children the tips below.  These tips will help your child enjoy their puppy/dog and stay safe with other dogs.

Safe play with puppies Puppies can be fragile.  If a puppy gets frightened or injured by a child, who only wants to pick it up or hug it, the puppy might nip or bite.  Puppies also have sharp teeth and claws, which could easily injure a child during rough play. Puppies also tend to jump on children and knock them down.  Parents must closely supervise all interactions between children and puppies to make sure no one is injured.  Children need to be taught that if they get scratched or nipped it does not mean the dog/puppy does not like them and not to hit or hurt the puppy in return.

Holding If a child wants to hold a puppy, it is safer for the child and the puppy if the child is sitting down on the floor or a low stool as a puppy can easily fall out of the child’s arms and be injured.  Let your child give your puppy a toy while they hold it.  If your puppy is teething it will chew on everything so giving the puppy a toy will divert the puppy’s teeth away from your child.  This will help teach the puppy that being held is a pleasant experience.  Teach your child to not leave a young or small puppy on the couch or chair as it may injure its legs or joints when jumping or falling off.  Also teach  your child to hold a puppy properly so it feels safe, by supporting the backsides with one hand or arm and then hold the upper body with the other hand.
If it is a larger  dog, have your child sit in your lap and let the dog approach you both.  This way you are there to teach your child to pat your dog gently and also control your dog.

Patting Your children will want to show affection to your dog by patting it, however, your dog may see this as threatening behaviour.  You should encourage children to pat dogs under the chin instead of hugging or reaching over its head.This way, the dog can see the child and is less likely to be frightened.  Also avoid letting your child give the pet quick sharp pats on the head as sometimes children get too rough and the puppy sees this as a threat
Treats When giving your dog a treat, teach your child to hold the treat in an open hand instead of their fingers.  For the first few times, you should place your hand under your child’s to guide them.  This will avoid your dog snapping at the food and your child getting frightened.

Play Children move very quickly and tend to squeal and yell.  Dogs see these actions as ‘prey actions’ and your dog might respond to the child’s behaviour by chasing, biting and jumping on them.  You must teach your child to play quietly around your dog but also teach your dog what behaviour is acceptable.  By closely supervising children and dogs, you can ensure that everyone safely enjoys their time together. A Sheltie has the herding  instinct and will chase a running or squealing child, bicycle, skateboard, or anything that moves.

Teaching your dog Socializing your dog will help it to be calm and confident in all situations.  Make sure your dog gets all the exercise he/she needs and don’t leave him/her alone for long periods of time. Train your dog so that they know how to behave and watch them closely in strange and/or stressful situations. Don’t play rough or aggressive games with your dog because dogs don’t distinguish between games and reality.  Don't play tug of war with puppy.

Teaching your child Children are particularly vulnerable to dog attacks and are more likely to be bitten than adults.  Remember to teach your child the following:

Do not to look a dog straight in the eye (a dog can see this as threatening behaviour)
Stay away from strange dogs
If a strange dog approaches you, stand still with your arms at your side and don’t run or scream
Before approaching a dog, always ask the owner if you can pat them, and hold the back of  your hand out toward dog with palm facing down.
Before patting a dog, make sure the dog has seen you, and move slowly.
Don’t disturb a dog that is eating, sleeping or has puppies.

Don't try to take anything away from a dog, such as a toy,  bone, or food item
If a dog attacks you, give them your toy, bike or bag to chew on then slowly back away until you can get to safety, but do not run away.
If a dog knocks you down, roll into a ball, whilst protecting your face, and lie still until the dog goes away. 
Buy a pup and your money will buy love unflinching.- Rudyard Kipling
Puppies are nature's remedy for feeling unloved, plus numerous other ailments of life.
Richard Allan Palm
    "The Boy" A Sheltie's Poem
By Ryker
Proud Scottish blood runs through my veins,
From weathered isles with driving rains,
Cross moor and hill, rock and glen
After wily sheep aiding kilted men.
Their heritage I show with pride,
Competing proud, Lady by my side.
Obedience, Agility and Conformation,
Tried herding once, forgot to mention.
Can handle it all for I'm no toy.
Then Lord and Lady, they had THE BOY!
The bundled tyke was small and sweet,
I thought as I gently kissed his feet.
Wants made known through cry and wail.
The little dear would tug my tail.
But tiny wails they turned to bawls.
Oh look, he sits – oh no, he crawls.
Oh dear Lady what has he done?
"Just wait," she said, "He'll soon be one."
From appointed duty I shall not balk,
He pulled up on my fur – and now can walk.
Across the yard he'd stumble and bump,
Through Agility stuff – hey! That's MY jump!
Scoots down the steps and into the hall.
To float toy boats in the water bowl.
Through spinach and peas this job I'll do.
"Just wait," said Lady, "For he'll be two."
Canine and feline friends from him they hid.
My ancestors handled sheep – this is just one kid!
So he toddles and waddles
He feeds me bottles
He chortles and laughs – he's really quite cute
With my charge I'll be no brute.
What is two? - Seemed so far away,
But I blinked my eyes and came that day.
After the time with the grooming box,
Lady now keeps it under locks.
My sable coat – a stunning hue!
He has finger paints – now I'm a blue.
And that lovely bowl from which I nibble.
Hey that kid, he's in my kibble!
M'Lord and Lady must that monster we keep?
What's that I hear, he's finally asleep?
Oh look, see there, in his comfy bed,
So tiny and innocent as he rests his head.
I forgot the time he made me cry,
When that flashlight he shone in my sleeping eye.
In this room so quiet and hush,
Slipped my mind when my teeth he did brush.
I lean my head on M'Lady's knee.
"Just wait," she whispers, "He'll soon be three."
Sable merle malesold to Doris Ghionis of Spartanburg SC
SOLD to the Harkins family in Tennessee
"All creatures great and small, the Lord God created them all."
Logan 5 weeks
I miss you sweet boy,  be good,  have fun with your new playmate  xxoo