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 Hints on How to keep your Sheltie Looking great at bottom of page
We are also the home of Pawsitive Touch Grooming, and groom all breeds  of dogs and cats also. I am not open  every day but take appointments for  Fridays and Saturdays, sundays and Mondays.  Other days may be available from time to time or on request.  Other services other than baths and full grooms are available on request also: such as nail trims. ear cleaning,  sanitary cuts or just a brush out. 
My name is Sandy Herke and I am  a certified groomer and have a certificate in Small Animal Care from Greenville Technical college in Greenville SC. 
Call for prices or estimates.  It is difficult to give an exact quote untill  your pet is seen as several things are considered in setting a price, such as         coat condition,   breed,   size,  and behavior of your pet.  At times because a pet that has never or seldom been groomed it is difficult to get a perfect groom because of the pets fear or nervousness.  I try to be very patient with all pets and let them get used to me and the grooming procedure.  Iwill not groom an agressive dog and will expect the customer to be honest if aggression is a possibility.
If you are a buyer of one of my puppies,  all grooms done at my shop for that dog will be reduced  by 50% for the lifetime of the dog.
Because I am a breeder of Shetland Sheepdogs I realize a need for offering a puppy groom for breeders or new puppy owners.  The first time on a  grooming table can be scary for a new puppy so I offer a first time introduction to grooming for all pups 6 - 16 weeks.  It is a time for them to be on the table and get used to being handled by someone other than their owner,  get used to being brushed,  having feet handled and nails trimmed just a bit,  hear tools such as clippers, dremels,  and   being in a crate for a few minutes.   The first visit will be $6.00 per pup whether it is a litter or a new puppy.  A followup appointment can be made for a bath and brush out and a    trim if needed during this time. 
Call us at 864-610-0618 to make an appointment.  This is my  home phone as my shop is attached to my home.  You can also email me  and I will get back with you about an appointment.  I work full time as an RN so  am unable to do grooming full time at this time. 
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Tips on How to Keep Your Sheltie Looking Great
 Note:  Never have your Sheltie's coat shaved. the  double coat insulates against heat and cold.  If it is shaved it will grow back a different texture and/or color.
Brushing is the most important part of Sheltie grooming.  If done  right it will help keep the coat clean and healthy;  if done improperly it will break and damage the coat.  A thorough weekly brushing is necessary from the skin out to help control the shedding and keep the coat and skin healthy.  Teaching your Sheltie to lie on its side will make brushing easier. Learn how to line brush your Sheltie.  Lightly mist the coat with a  spray bottle of water as you brush to prevent static  electricy    building up and to prevent  breaking the hair.  If you have learned to line brush you dog it will remove the loose undercoat.  If the undercoat is not regularly brushed it will lead to severe matting and even skin infections.  Mats hold moisture and this leads to skin infections.
Keep your Sheltie's nails trimmed regularly.  If they run outside they may not need to be trimmed, but always check their feet and pads to see if hair on the bottoms of the feet need to be trimmed.  If not trimmed they will bring more dirt and wet into the house.
A visit to the groomer every 6 - 10 weeks is recommended unless you are  willing to learn how to properly groom your sheltie yourself.
Tools you will need to groom your Sheltie
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