Health Guarantee and Spay/Neuter Agreement forLeeway Shelties 
Owned by Sandy & David Herke  Phone 864-610-0618  mail:
For puppy born ____________Name at time of sale__________________Color ___________________Sex_______
Of Sire _________________________________________________AKC # _____________________DNA______________________
Of Dam ________________________________________________AKC# ____________________Litter #____________________
Price of Puppy_________Deposit ___________Date paid_______Cash/MO/Check/ Paypal_ Balance owed for puppy____________
Pickup________  ship/deliver_____  cost____________balance due (cash)before shipping or at pickup____________ 
       Seller Warrants: 
 1.  That the above described pet puppy is in good health at the time the Buyer assumes ownership. And Seller will report any findings noted at the time of the 8 week VET EXAM, to the buyer, before the transfer of the puppy ownership from the Seller to the Buyer.  And that the Buyer agrees to get the puppy vet checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours (not including week-ends or legal holidays) of receipt of puppy.
Seller's Reported Vet findings_________________________________________________________
 2. That the above described pet puppy is sold on a spay/neuter agreement, comes with a limited registration, and that said puppy will have this surgical procedure done by a licensed Veterinarian before the puppy is One (1) year of age.  And that theBuyer will send proof of this procedure  being done , with the name and address of the Veterinarian that performed the spay/neuter procedure to the Seller within 90 days of the procedure.  Failure to keep this agreement could result in Seller taking back the puppy/dog.
 3.  That this pet puppy will be vet examined at least annually, kept up to date on all vet recommended vaccinations, wormings,  Heartworm preventive treatments, Flea treatments as needed and any other treatments advised by the licensed veterinarian.
 4. Buyer agrees that puppy will reside at home of buyer, have access  to a fenced in yard if left outside,  and to not be tethered or chained outside or inside, will be provided with quality food or food that is vet recommended , fresh water at all times, proper housing/shelter, apropriate exercise, grooming, training and socialization.
  *considering these things are provided, The Seller guarantees the puppy/dog for one (1) year from the date of birth against any life threatenting, congenital or heriditary defects.  If the puppy/dog has a life threatenting congenital or heriditary defect that has been diagnosed or examined by two (2) unassociated veterinarians to seriously impact the quality of life of the puppy/dog or warrant euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy/dog's life,  the Seller will provide a replacement puppy or a full refund of the purchase price minus the shipping/delivery fees, after the buyer has transferred the puppy/dog back to the Seller, with the papers of transfer. Buyer is responsible for all transportation costs. 
 **The Seller is not responsible for the miscellaneous problems such as hypoglycemia, coccidiosis,  Guardia, parasites, ear mites, types of bacterial infections, and autoimmune disorders, that  may all be caused by environmental factors or stress.
 ***  If the buyer becomes unable to keep this dog for unforseen reasons after assuming ownership, and a family member is unable to assume it's care,  It isrequestedthe Breeder/Seller be notified of this and to give the breeder/seller the chance to re-assume ownership or to assist in finding the puppy/dog a suitable new home.  At  no time is this puppy/dog to be surrendered to an animal shelter or pound, abandoned, neglected, or abused.  If owner finds an alternate home for this puppy/dog it isrequestedthe seller/breeder be notified of this and given the contact information  of where the puppy/dog is and with whom it resides. 
This puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and found to be healthy, 
Vet Name______________________________On date___________Phone_________
AKC paperwork:  has been  provided_________will be sent_______when_________
Seller signature_________________________________________Date_____________
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Buyer signature_________________________________________Date______________
Phone _________________Cell_________________email________________________
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